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Signature Collection of Bubble Bee

For people seeking modern luxury and timeless beauty, who have chosen to focus on forever pieces.

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Bubble Bee To Wear

Refined and sophisticated loungewear makes lounging in style effortless. Classical elegance and glamour in the smallest details.

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The Secret of The Bubble Bees

The fairy tale speaks of the world of the Bubble Bees, bringing a mysterious story of wonderful little creatures that only a few chosen ones have witnessed to its little friends.

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From the Creator of the Bubble Bee Brand

I believe in a miraculous and playful world, where imagination is everything and through which understanding and thoughts about the world begin and can be explored and developed. My philosophy in life is that life can be viewed as a wonderful, colourful art project – a source of all-encompassing and never ending inspiration, limited only by our own imaginations. I have found the opportunity to combine my creativity and my personality in my life, and to follow my passions.


Creative director at Bubble Bee by Merily
The Author of: The Secret of The Bubble Bees

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