Bubble Bee To Wear

The Bubble Bee Signature Collection SS21 Classic Nature Silk Loungewear Collection is one of the most iconic pieces. Hand cut and tailor-made of the highest grade 26 momme premium silk- breathable, ultra-soft and super-smooth fabric.



The Bubble Bee Silk covered Down comforters combine the benefits of two of the most valuable natural materials-silk and down.


Signature Collection The Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature

When the holiday season is around the corner- wherever you are in the world- You know that it is a gift straight from the heart, it is just a simple way of saying “I love you”.⁠⠀The Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature Toddler Bedding Set Available on our e-shop 

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” The Secret of The Bubble Bees” more than just a children’s book

Something beautiful to look at and read every now and then “The Secret of the Bubble Bees” is more than just a simple book and magical fairy tale.

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Signature Collection Silk Cuddle Pillow Special Edition

Autumn is the transition season between summer and winter, best noticed by the leaves changing colour from fresh greens to warm yellow, sunny orange and flaming red shades.
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The Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature Silk Filled Baby Quilt

What is it that makes a baby quilt so special? Well, it is not just a blanket, it is and will become something much more as you will find out.⁠⠀
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Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature Cuddle Pillow

A hug makes us feel safe and happy. Cuddling a pillow can replicate this sensation and create a sense of peace as we rest. Especially babies – touching or holding soft objects can remind a baby of the feeling of being soothed.
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Our Signature Collection
The Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to launch our new, unique and luxurious full-silk jacquard fabric Signature Collection, which is inspired by our book “The Secret of the Bubble Bees”.

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“The Secret of The Bubble Bees” bookstore ⁠presentation

“The Secret of The Bubble Bees” ⁠presentation takes place in Viru Keskus Rahva Raamat on the 5th of September at 17.30. You are all more than welcome to come and see the book and the author.

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“The Secret of The Bubble Bees” ⁠Is on Sale at Rahva Raamat

Bubble Bee is more than just a simple book and magical fairy tale. Instead, it is a concept that has been designed to inspire imagination, creativity and mindset development in children, in a value-based growth environment.

The fairy tale speaks of the world of the Bubble Bees, bringing a mysterious story of wonderful little creatures that only a few chosen ones have witnessed to its little friends.