Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature Cuddle Pillow

A hug makes us feel safe and happy. Cuddling a pillow can replicate this sensation and create a sense of peace as we rest. Especially babies – touching or holding soft objects can remind a baby of the feeling of being soothed.
No one wants to be alone. The cuddle pillow allows your baby to experience the wonders of closeness and touch.
By incorporating cuddle pillow into your baby sleeping routine, you will train your baby`s brain and body to view the pillow as a symbol of relaxation and safety.
The Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature Silk Filled Silk Cuddle Pillow offers not only a silky soft hug, but also a trip to a fairytale land with magical creatures. Cuddle pillow pillowcase fabric is inspired by our book “The Secret of The Bubble Bees”.
The fairytale speaks of the world of the Bubble Bees, bringing a mysterious story of wonderful little creatures that only a few chosen ones have witnessed to its little friends. And what could be more wonderful than to become a part of that magical land of dreams. Every child loves listening to evening stories and fairy tales. For some, it may become a most special moment, keeping as quiet as possible, almost afraid to breathe – not to miss any words. You close your eyes and let the imagination take you to the magical land of these stories⁠.
Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature Cuddle Pillow is perfect addition to any bedroom, on the sofa, for a playroom, and ideal for taking along on a travel or a picnic.⁠
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High End Silk Newborn Baby Shower Gift Set is exceptional gift for your precious child. Signature Collection Gift Set. Double-sided silk filled silk quilt measures 70/90 cm, decorative silk cuddle pillow measures 25 x 35 cm A light cover in summer months or a warm layer during the winter. Double-sided silk filled quilt: Filled with wild silk fleece 160g/m² Quilt cover: Bubble Bee Silk Jacquard Nature 100% highest grade 26 momme Mulberry silk. Decorative Cuddle Pillow: Measures: 25 x 35 cm Filled with 100% polish white goose down