How to care for your Bubble Bee silk bedding

Washing Silk

Silk is a very delicate fabric, and you may feel nervous about washing any silk clothing you own. When handling silk bedding, the sensitivity of the fiber to dirt and perspiration should be taken into account. The silk garment should be washed immediately and should not be left dirty. Although you need to give your silk bedding tender loving care on laundry day, you can keep your items beautiful and soft even when you wash silk at home. We’ll take the anxiety out of washing silk and show you a few simple steps you can take to give this luxurious fabric the care it deserves

How to Wash Silk in a Washing Machine:
Step-by-Step Instructions

Despite what you’ve heard, you can wash silk in a washing machine. However, it’s worth investing in a mesh bag to protect your delicate items from tangling or getting caught on other items during the wash. Follow the instructions for washing silk items in a washing machine.

1. Check the fabric care label

Before you put a silk item in the machine, check the tag to see if it can be machine washed. Some silk items may lose color or get damaged in the machine.

2. Sort the laundry

Don’t wash silk and delicate fabric with heavy pieces of clothing like jeans. Wash dark and light colours separately.

3. Place silk items in a mesh bag

Using a delicates wash bag will protect your silks from any abrasive damage.

4. Load the machine

Make sure you leave enough of a gap to fit in a hand, so you don’t overload the washing machine.

5. Add silk wash or delicate detergent

Use mild detergent only,  which is specifically designed to care for your silk garments. Follow the dosing instructions on the bottle.

6. Start a delicate cycle

Your machine should have a delicate wash option or a special program for washing silk and wool. Wash on the temperature recommended by the fabric care label. Also choose the shortest spin cycle or do not spin, and leave silk soaked in water.

7. Use a towel to soak up water after the wash

Take the garment out of the machine and remove extra water from silk by pressing it gently between a towel, but do not squeeze.

8. Hang garment or lay flat to dry

Depending on the garment, you will want to hang it up or lay it flat. Avoid direct sunlight, because it can damage the fiber and cause colours to fade, just as any other textiles. Iron only when necessary, as genuine and thick silk will not wrinkle much. Use low iron (below 120°C) with a press cloth between the iron and the fabric.