“The Secret of The Bubble Bees” pdf+cards


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New publication date 10.11.2023!

At the magical moment when the thundery rain has stopped and warm rays of sun meet the little bubbles above the stream, something wonderful may happen…

The fairy tale speaks of the world of the Bubble Bees, bringing a mysterious story of wonderful little creatures that only a few chosen ones have witnessed to its little friends.

The magical story is told in an exquisite artistic children’s book adorned with delightful water-colour drawings, the covers are tactile white canvas.

But Bubble Bee is more than just a simple book and magical fairy tale. Instead, it is a concept that has been designed to inspire imagination, creativity and mindset development in children, in a value-based growth environment.

Coloured emotion cards playfully touch and inspire the reading child’s and supporting parent’s feelings, emotions and consciousness. Additionally, cards for colouring based on the story help express the child’s feelings.

Welcome to the playful world where imagination creates miracles!

Out of stock

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